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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Little Projects

I feel like I'm treading water between projects. My DNA scarf is progressing slowly. I have had to frog back 3 times. I'm using Rowan Cashoff and it feels very wonderful but is very delicate to knit with, like cooked spaghetti that is a bit splitty. After throwing the Beaverslide around it is quite a change.

I attended an Aloha Knitters meeting. 3 others showed up and Jennie had a huge bag of orphan yarns from her stash. I was greedy and grabbed a bunch, including the Smart Superwash Wool in the wheaty tweed. I tried a swatch on hello yarn's mittens with some black I had, but the gauges and textures of the yarns were too different and I guess I'll have to learn to knit two-stranded technique once I find more suitable yarns. I have some ancient silk that might work although the colors are a bit strange.
The yarn looks nice as Kimberly's Fingerless Mittens. The cables are fun to do. The gusset instructions were cool. They came out a bit baggy around the wrists, but a good soak should help.

The Beaverslide version of Halley's Comet Hat was a fun knit, too! I have one skein left.

Meanwhile, I'm in a quandry over the socks. I want to do Jaywalker's but I don't know the exact size recipient of the blues feet and from what I read, Jaywalker's have to be knit to fit, so maybe I'll wait for my Sunshine watermelon yarn and make them for me. But, I also have read that self-striping yarn is not the best for Jaywalkers. The other yarn I have is the Lorna's Laces camoflague. It looks scarily like a size 1 needle yarn. The strange bargain yarn I got in black and red might work for socks, too, but then I'd have to swatch;)

And, hey, Spring is coming. Time to knit a bunny.

Update: Final Fingerless Mitts ala Kimberlolly


Brenda said...

Everything looks great!

candsmom said...

Your DNA scarf is gorgeous!! Just looking at your pic, that Rowan looks really luscious. You fingerless gloves look beautiful, too! That tweed really works well with the pattern. I've been eyeing Kimberly's pattern for a while and have yarn set aside for it. Perfect for wearing this week- it's been so cold! Glad to hear you made it out to an AK meeting- that was so nice of Jennie, and what a score, too! Your hat turned out great- you're so busy, it amazes me how much you always manage to whip out. And yay for the watermelon yarn!! No hemming and hawing this time, huh? ;-) Can't wait to see it!! Take care, Barb! :-)

kimberly said...

I love that DNA scarf! It's such a cool pattern. Your fingerless came out so pretty. Can I post a picture of them with a link back to your blog? Great job!! I just love tweed.
Get back to that bunny. ;)

June said...

The DNA scarf is looking great!

I read your comments on Beaverslide yarn (I've been eyeing that brand for years w/o buying). I bet that it's lighter after washing b/c it lost carding/spinning oil. Is the yarn really soft? It's supposed to be Merino, I think.

keohinani said...

what? the only stipulation about self-striping yarn is the pooling, but in my experience, the striping works out on jaywalkers just fine.

Toni said...

I've heard the opposite about striping yarns and Jaywalkers. I agree that pooling might occur (that's true w/ any multicolor yarn) but I think the zigzags show up better striped. This is based on my variegated attempt at Jaywalkers last week.

Laura said...

I think some self-striping yarns don't work out so well as Jaywalkers, if you don't like pooling. Generally, I think that the longer the color repeats (that is, the wider the stripes) the better they will look as Jaywalkers. Here you can see some that I started in Regia 4 Color. (I frogged them because the sizing was wrong.)

Grumperina has advised against using yarns that are self-patterning (like fair isle) but I have seen some very nice Jaywalkers made with Knit Picks Simple Stripes.

Lolly said...

I love the mitts from Kimberlolly (I didn't know anyone else called her that! yea!) and your DNA scarf is really lovely.