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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I went to the Big Island, Hawaii for a meeting, R&S (rest and shopping) and to visit a friend who moved there 6 months ago.

My son asked me what I learned at the meeting and I drew a blank for a seconds. I did learn that Petadolex (Butterbur) is good for migraines, whereas Feverfew may not work, although I know someone who swears by it.

I managed to miss the torrential downpours on Oahu and the closing of the Kailua bound lanes of the Pali Highway, which is how I get to work.

I have one finished object, DNA scarf , shown here drying, knit from Rowan's Cashoff, a very soft and buttery experience.

I have two UFOs, Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces camoflague, and Totoros, still earless and and eyeless. The Jaywalkers are fraternal, but I okay with that.

While knitting the Jaywalkers, I noticed the size one Brittany's gradually bent and then one cracked. So of course I was forced to visit a very wonderful yarn shop in Hilo and purchase size one Addi Turbos from Big Island Bernina, Yarn Basket.

I also have two future projects, blue socks and Cascade 200 Superwash for Rogue. The Cascade had just come in and she had only 5 colors. It was a toss up between the rust and the blue so I went with the rust cuz I'm trying to break away from blue.

Hilo had some wonderful food. I missed the Two Ladies Kitchen mochi as they were closed, but had fun eating tamales at the Farm fair, and loved the smells from the Pahala sweatbread bakery. The taro, kalua pig hash was very tasty. The weather cooperated on the drive through Volcano National park. One of the most interesting snacks I bought and hope to get up the courage to eat was chocolate dipped ika (squid!!) at the Big Island Candy Company. It reminded me of the Eel Ice Cream from an Iron Chef episode. I believe the comments were...."interesting".


candsmom said...

Yay!! You're back!! I've missed your posts. ;-) Your DNA scarf is GORGEOUS!! I bet it feels so luxurious in that yarn. Your Jaywalkers are looking great, too. I'm always scared that my Brittany size 1's are going to break right in half whenever I tug on them too hard. Good thing for Bernina! ;-) I'm so glad you made it there- looks like you got some lovely goodies! Also, I think Brittany has some sort of lifetime guarantee with their needles. They'll replace them free of charge if you email them. The Totoros are so cute! Can't wait to see their little faces. Two Ladies Mochi is fabulous!! I'll bring you back some next time I go home. And I love those tamales and pasteles at the Open Market! The cascaron and pancit in the booth next to the tamale lady is excellent, too. I find that chocolate ika strangely addicting. Kinda like chocolate covered potato chips with that sweet and salty blend going on. So glad you're back!! Take care, Barb! :-)

debbie said...

wow! sounds like a very nice visit to the big island - all that food makes me hungry! you've sure been the busy knitter - i like how your jaywalkers are turning out, and i can hardly wait to see the finished totoros!

Terby said...

The scarf is very pretty! The socks too.

I admit to a bit of hesitation in regards to the chocolate covered ika. I like ika sushi, but I'm having a hard time reconciling that with chocolate. But I see it gets some good reviews.

Love the rust cascade. Rogue will look great in that.

aija said...

I love the dna scarf, and your mochi comment ahs me craving some (haven't had any since I was a kid).

Allez cuisine :)

June said...

Congrats on the scarf - it looks wonderful!

But I'm afraid of the choco-ika! :D

michelle (alohaknitter) said...

aloha barb! i'm glad to see your notes about the big island because i passed those tips to some mainland friends headed over there. and what is this i see--dna's done?!--delightful! hope to see you again soon w/alohaknitters.

myra said...

Welcome back!!

We travel to the Big Island at least once a year to visit my in-laws and I have never been able to visit Two Ladies when they are open. I swear they see me coming and put out the closed sign. Must be because I'm a mochi fiend.

Can't wait to see your finished Totoros!

Lolly said...

HI Barb! Lovely DNA scarf! I think that is such a cool pattern! your fraternal Jaywalkers are wonderful, and I can wait to see the finished Totoros.

So much rain that they closed the Pali? whoa! My sister is here, so she missed all of that rain. I hope it clears up and you have some sunshiney days soon.

Great to have you in Project Spectrum ;)

*karen said...

Hi. I also bought the chocolate dipped ika while I was there, and you're right about the food. I always crave Hawaii food when I'm not there. The strawberry mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen is my favorite. I love the Totoros...

Rachel said...

I love your blogspot! I live in northern Illinois, but am orginally from Oahu. Your blog made me so homesick! I didn't know there were that many knitters in the Islands! I'd love to hear from you! My blog is