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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Spinning for Totoros

I got to try out Jill's wheel once and also tried my hand at drop spindle after reading a book and visiting online sites such as Interweave Knits . After trying out the beginning Spinning class at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, I decided I on another drop spindle kit. I also purchased a niddy noddy. (I have some notion I will skein some Paton's cotton I have in my stash and dye it...but then that's another story)

Spinning was fun and I will probably keep trying. Using the wheel involved too many things at once for me to pick up quickly, rather like playing the piano.
I finally finished the rest of my roving from the class, then soaked and dried it.
According to the instructions, the yarn may "bloom" some in the bath. Well it sure did!. I have thicknesses from extra super bulky to cobweb, all in one ball. So what can a girl do? I was reassured at Aloha Knitters, that "thick and thin" is in! So I present, Thick and Thin Totoros.

I finally picked up Rogue and I'm working on the hood. Socktober starts today. I'm thinking Conway from Knitting on the Road in Koigu.

Waah, I have to go back to work tomorrow. What is it I used to do for a living? I have had so much fun this vacation, I want to be on vacation permanently;)


debbie said...

your totoro's are so adorable! i've been trying spinning on a spindle too - i'm determined to keep on trying. btw, marnie of marnietalks has just started a spindle spinning tutorial on her blog while on her travels in india! check it out - imho it is excellent!

Anonymous said...

I love Totoro! Yours are very cute - congrats! Keep up the spinning! I've been seeing a lot of thick and thin yarn in scarve patters lately too!

beadlizard said...

I knit [a lot of] cat toys with my first handspun. Your totoros are much cuter than my rats and mice were! --Syl

keohinani said...

cuuuuuuuute! keep at the spinning! and yes, thick and thin is definitely in! i don't even know how to make that anymore... and i'm sad about that!
niddy noddies are TOTALLY handy. TOTALLY.
and those totoros look great in your handspun. they have such different character. nice!

Rachel said...

Hi! I just love those totoro's! My brother would get such a kick if I made him some. I'll have to try my hand at it too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hey, would you be willing to be listed on my blogspot as a team member? I'd love to keep in touch!

Keep up the knitting inspiration!

kimberly said...

Oh my, I'm so behind on my reading. Your yarn is great!! I love those totoros!!!

KnitPastis said...

I have missed you girl and so glad you are back from vacation. I am loving this yarn you spun up!! I bet your going to have people wanting their very own Totoros. You are making them too cute!!

Sandee Yo! said...

I LOVE those totoros!!!

myra said...

Love the thick and thin totoros! Spinning sounds so interesting, and hard.