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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Noro Silk Garden Diagonal Scarf Done!

The Noro Silk Garden is all knit up. Here is diagonal scarf adorning my hypo-allergenic cat. The pattern had a "turn" on the second ball that I left out. I wish I had spent more time examining the sample at the shop, but big sister was ready to move on. I decided it looked just fine continuing on with random stripes, so here is is.

Clapotis is nearly done, just needs blocking. The ends are tucked in. Hope to get the photos up tomorrow.


candsmom said...

Your scarf is just beautiful!! I love the artsy pic, too. Seeing and touching it in person tonight was even better. I LOVE, LOVE your Clapotis! The colors are soo gorgeous, and it's so warm and cuddly, too. Can't wait to see it post-blocking.

keohinani said...

oh, how pretty! i concur: your clapotis is awesome :) it was nice meeting you yesterday! how is your sock coming along?