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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random thoughts and WIPs

As I dreamed of retirement I made up lots of scenarios about how much I would get done...I would have house and yard beautiful...all clean and organized. In my mind I had owned a table saw and I'd built all kinds of furniture to store my stashes in...a potting table for my my patio which was devoid of weeds...a boss storage unit for my fabric and fiber ( there's a term that dates me!)and of course I was in training for the marathon and had lost a bunch of weight. The reality of course is that life is the ultimate WIP and a series of random thoughts.

1. I feel good about fixing my clocks.

2. Now I want to make lots of clocks. Totoro clocks, but how many clocks does a person need? Less sawdust and noise, and less chance of injury then a table saw. But really, I don't need another hobby!

3. I can live with the fact the first row of crosses on my Portland Lobster go a different way. I know I will go back eventually and figure out which way they are supposed to go and right this on the front.

4. If there is beach glass, I'll go to the beach. Even if it's "young" beach glass, mostly green and brown. The added benefit is seeing the ocean and sky in it's ever changing jewel tones of greens, blues and people.

5. I will not settle on the chosen colors for the borders and trims on baby Madeleine's sashiko baby futon. It will rest until I find better choices.

6. The current favorite but still virtual dog is a French bulldog. I will not pay $1200 dollars for a dog, though. I miss my birds. A dog is so much responsibility. Although Mr. Cricket is a beautiful and charming dog, he would be dragging me around town, so a smaller dog would fit me better.

7. I liked Dexter, showtime TV series, about a serial killer/vigilante even though in my mind I just couldn't see glorifying a serial killer. Must be the good acting.

8. I'm not a marathoner:) I want to preserve whatever cartilage I have left in my knees for the future.

9. My new approach to yard work is to do only a little at a time. It's less painful that way.

10. Is it true people do not read blogs anymore? I still do. Is everyone on Ravelry? I love the online diary. I like the idea of being able to put pictures on to document my hobbies. My penmanship sucks. I like the virtual world. The struggle is to balance real life and not let it go by while I figure out how to format a post.

Have a great summer!


Beverly said...

Not true. I still do both, though at first I was spending an awful lot of time on Ravelry.

I enjoyed your list. Why not birds again?

Rachel said...

I read blogs all the time (in fact, too often, I think, lol!). Keep up the blogging - you'd be greatly missed in the blogosphere if you stopped!

k-brow said...

I read 'em daily, tho I do not comment so much. Be gentle with yourself! You've been retired for less than a month! Plenty o' time for that weed-free patio, I say.

Truth be told, every vacation I get, I make a big list of things to do that sound like your retirement list. Crazy.

Thanks for giving Crickman 15 more minutes of fame. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone as a good kine pet. There's a guy we know in your 'hood who has a French bulldog. I can arrange a meeting if you like.

KnitPastis said...

A beautiful bowl of beach glass! I found my first pieces just two years ago in Florida. I think they are so pretty.
Ummm...I would be blogging if I had faster speed. Know that I have you in my thoughts. This is my first time to grin and bare the few blogs that do upload within an hour. I miss blogging more than anything. It ties up my phone line which is not good. I also think for others that maybe in the winter months they are blogging more and less active outdoors.


Aim said...

Wowee, you're retired! What a great accomplishment--NOW for the fun part :)
I love your totoro! So cute.... You sure had a lovely send-off from work. And, I really like your list of thangs to do. That beach glass is so pretty!

weebug said...

i love your collection of sea glass, along with the random shells! i love reading blogs, but since work has most of them blocked now, i am finding it harder to stay caught up and comment!

Sunflowerfairy said...

I'm here. I'm reading. :)

smariek said...

I read blogs, although it seems to come in spurts depending on when I have time. I'm amazed at how much time it takes to type up a blog post, this leaves me with less time for other activities (knitting?).