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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning Sky

I was treated to a lovely rainbow this am, a product of the drizzle that continue off and on all day. My plants are most happy for the rain. It made for a lazy day of destashing the cook books and cleaning off the dining room table so it can actually be used to eat off of.

Sunday was another bead day. Here are two more crystal cuffs with 3 rows instead of 5 and one color crystal for the black one and 3 for the blue one. The magnetic clasp made it much easier to put on. These magnets are very strong, so I'm thinking I won't add a guard chain.

I swapped some finished earrings for some plastic hearts and turned them in to more stitch markers. I also made a couple of earrings. I was inspired by some dragonflies Opal had in Opalesence, her Etsy store.

The combination of an easy, fun pattern, Knitty's Spring Forward, some Koigu and Knitpicks DPs, have caused me to abandon all other WIPs. Luckily I had already put a little work time on Sashiko Baby Futon earlier in the day.

After thinking about school, I decided hold off. I reminded myself I don't need a new career:) I might as well get the TB clearance done anyway, just in case a more viable impulse comes along.


k-brow said...

Hooray for taking it slow! Though progress on that sock is blistering...must be the Koigu. Good move on destashing the cookbooks. I need to do the same.

Opal said...

OMG! I adore those dragonfly earrings! I think I have some of those beads in my stash. Would you mind if I swiped that idea from you? Isn't it great how inspiration is such a mutual thing? (mutual thing? I think I need more coffee.)