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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July

Happy Birthday America!

I made only one set of stitch markers so far. I may have time to make more. It's one week into my retirement and the revelation is that my house is still messy. Apparently just being retired doesn't turn into house beautiful. The secret is that I'm supposed to spend all that time I used to be at work cleaning...not shopping, dreaming or going to movies. I decided not to get serious until all my lovely flowers have died...and I've had time to veg. I've heard that can be dangerous as sloth is contagious. I've also come to the conclusion that I cannot eat all the junk food I received as gifts as it is counter to my plan to be more healthy. I'm slowing giving it away. I'm sad about that. I really want to eat all those chocolate covered cherries. They are fruit, arent they?

Portland Lobster is inching along. It's muggy and warm these days and not conducive to wool and alpaca.

And besides, there is a FO! Here is:

They call me Malabrigo
Yarn: Malabrigo bunny, Cascade 220 sweater, sticker of flag on sweater
Pattern: Easter Bunny, Barbara Prime
Needles: size 7

Just in time for the Fourth of July! I think about how grateful I am to have been born an American, although technically Hawaii was a territory when I was born. I think about our American forces and the lives lost overseas and the injured returning home. I hope they can all come home soon.

Thanks for all the comments and well wishes on my retirement. It's still a bit surreal.


debbie said...

it's nice to see you getting a lot of good things done - love the stitchmarkers and patriotic bunny! everytime i have vacation my family wishes i would clean my dungeon - which has extended to our family room....i'll let them dream on....

beadlizard said...

My daughter is koi-sitting over the long weekend for some friends who went camping. We bought a small flag to fly over their pond!

As for the housekeeping? You need a chore schedule. It is the only way for those of us who "work" at home. Some things I do every Monday, some every other Wednesday, etc. If you set a schedule and follow it, soon you'll enjoy your free time more because you won't be stewing and procrastinating. -- Syl

Jennifer said...

Awww - bunny love. How adorable. Happy Fourth to you, too

KnitYoga said...

Wow, you were cettainly given a good send off - all those flowers! Obviously, you are loved! :-) You are going to really revel in your retirement, I'm sure, and don't think about spending time cleaning the house, you can join the Red Hat Society and start practicing for when you will wear purple.

The stitchmarkers are really cool and I just LOVE that bunny! :-)