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Saturday, July 26, 2008

This and That

Although I've started A Better Bucket Hat in Malabrigo worsted, and my Portland Lobster from A Fine Fleece is inching along, I'm having more fun beading.

My blogless beading buddy, Kathy, gifted me a bracelet class for retirement and we made a crystal cuff at Bella Beads, taught by the talented owner, Karen. I had to do mine over again as I goofed on the endings, but it produced a fine sparkly cuff which I'm very pleased with. It's very sparkly!!

I finally sorted all the odds and ends of jewelry makings that had collected on my desk. I made a bunch of angel stitch markers and a row counter. I haven't tried this style row counter yet. It has 5 rings. I don't have a project to try it on yet, but it was fun to make.

After only living in Hawaii most of my life, I finally visited the Makapuu lighthouse. There is memorial nearby for plane that crashed there during WW2 and some left over bunkers. It's a very dry part of Oahu. There were some night blooming sirius (or is it Cereus?) nearby.

I'm considering taking a certification course in health administration. I must say, the thought of going to school again is terrifying! I'm only going to try it if I can do it online. But yikes, I have to commit by next week!


Mokihana said...

Cereus. How well I remember then blooming on the wall at Punahou.

I enjoyed the photos.... mahalo!

Beverly said...
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Beverly said...

Cute bracelet. Looking forward to seeing more beading.

blogless michelle said...

they're also bounding the rock wall along queen liliu'okalani church in hale'iwa. so nice. i took some pictures of them open at night a couple months of these days i'll also paint them.

Opal said...

Gorgeous bracelet. Cute stitch markers. Lovely pictures of Makapu'u. Good luck with your school decision. I think you should go for it!

Rachel said...

That's a really beautiful bracelet!

I remember hiking to Makapu'u with my husband, and it is indeed very dry, but what a beautiful view! It's funny, because when I lived there I just went to the usual places, but it was only when I went back to visit again (i.e. became a "tourist") that I went hiking and discovered some of the truly magnificent views on Oahu.