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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sitting in the waiting room at Kaiser for the ritual boob squishing this am, I picked up a magazine. It was the HMSA magazine. I contemplated the irony of this event since HMSA is Kaiser's biggest competitor in the health plan market in Hawaii. So I started the morning with some food for thought and a new mantra ; gratitude is an attitude from the article "Doctor’s Prescription: A Daily Dose Of Gratitude" (I wonder if that is proper use of a semicolon...I never really understood semicolons)

The mammo was swift and I was left with an hour and a half to kill before the Art Academy opened. That can be dangerous for a shopaholic. Breakfast and coffee even with knitting only took 30 minutes, so using the excuse of looking for fusible fleece I decided to see if Kuni's Island Fabrics was open. Pauline Kunimune was there and it looked like classes were in session. There was no fusible fleece but I picked up a couple of patterns, webbing for bags,and a bargain clearance happi coat for $15.

The Hawaii Craftsmen's 41st Juried Statewide Annual Exhibition is going on at the Art Academy. I got to see May's fantastic Crone Bone in person. There was even a sculpture made of felted cat hair and whiskers. I really enjoyed the wonderful pieces in this exhibit. I just might have to go again.

I'm on a shopping roll. Look at the some of the additional damage.

That's NZ Corriedale roving from Mielkes and Cascade for the Christmas stocking. Now if I can only find my pattern in time. The brown roving is called dark grey. Go figure. I used some polyfil for stuffing and it makes for a much springier critter. I can't decide if I like it as well as the wool stuffing. I also bought fabric...yikes! I was on a fabric diet, but I visited The Calico Cat, and all resolve vanished. Then of course more Beaverslide...OMG! Somebody help me please?

What's a woman to do? Knit some more Totoros and a cat. Sew something for the shop...

(This is a storage roll for double points. Has everyone gone to the two circ method for socks? I'm still hanging on to the DPS, myself)

...and be grateful for the time I have to craft and enjoy all the talent out there in the world, and for all the continuing inspiration from the blogsphere and Ravelry, Hayao Miyazaki and beyond!


Opal said...

i'm a dedicated 2 circs for socks knitter. i still use dpn's for certain things though. :)

you wouldn't believe all the beading tools and supplies i've been buying up. it's shameful!

nova said...

I still use dpn's, B. I also need a dpn holder, maybe I should sew one of those up for myself?

beadlizard said...

Dpns for socks, always. I've been knitting on dpns since 1965, and my results are better than those one can get with dual circs, let alone being faster.

The knitting of Totoro is going well, but I still haven't found my stuffing stash -- I fear it's either at my mom's or in the attic of the other house. Will try to get pattern notes to you tomorrow.

Mokihana said...

How could I buy those two bag patterns? Are they available online? I need them!

Mokihana said...

PS: Dpns for socks, or 2 circulars, one sock at a time.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the link to the article on "Gratitude." It was well worth reading and I'm going to try and adapt more of it into my life.

By the way I use them all. Dpn's, magic loop and 2 circs.