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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sew, where's the knitting? And, who took our sun?

It is definitely autumn here. In fact the sun has been lost for a 3 days now, hiding behind the solid mass of clouds. The good news is, it's "chilly". I have been able to wear my wool socks for a couple hours each day now! It's time to get the blanket out of the closet.

One would think the cool weather has caused my knitting mojo to surge, but alas, it remains lost. I suspect it has something to do with my current project, Emily. The linen/rayon tape is just not very much fun to knit with. I'm going to change my needles and see if that helps. When it comes to knitting small projects with Beaverslide, STR or problem.

I figured out the interfacing problem. The vague directions for use say, use a hot iron with a gliding motion. It really should say...use a hot, dry iron, expect some weird stretching and puckering, but continue to iron the hell of it!

I ordered some business cards for my Etsy store. I love them so much I don't want to give any of them away. Sigh, but I guess I have to. I tried them out on two friends who spend little time time shopping on the Internet or crafting. They brought up a good point. My card has little to do with what is in my store right now. I picked pictures I liked:) I enjoyed seeing how they looked professionally printed! Wow, what a difference! I ordered Moo cards and they aren't an American standard size. Perhaps they are metric.

It feels like soup weather. So far the kid and I have whipped up pho and chicken with barley.

I put a couple of bags in the store, one with Amy Butler fabric and one in a lovely woven blue ikat. Coming soon will be University of Hawaii project bags, My Melody bento bag and a couple of Totoros and maybe a cat.

fuzzymittens new book is out. I just ordered her farm animal pattern. The little sheep is sooo cute!

If anyone sees my knitting mojo, please tell it to come home. No questions asked.


Opal said...

This weather hasn't really gotten me knitting either. I love the new bags! I'm glad you solved your interface problem! :)

k-brow said...

I think Blue Fleece Totoro has our sun in his little pillowcase bag that he's thrown over his back. Is it Vog or just clouds? I'm hot and cold and can't decide whether or not I like this weather. I definitely like the idea that it might really be fall, but it's sad that my plumeria is losing all its leaves and not blooming now.

BTW, I like your Amy Butler bag, especially how you did the handle, a lot better than my own handling of the handles.

Rachel said...

Love the new bags - you're so clever with them!