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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Trick or Treat Vesper Socks, FO

Yarn: Vesper, Trick or Treat Colorway
Needles: size 3 rose wood DPs. I love these shorties.
Pattern: Sensational Knitted Socks, Chevron socks. I chose the feathered fan pattern.

I have a ton of yarn left. A 44 stitch sock really knits up quickly. The in place after thought heel worked out a lot better then I thought I would in this stretchy, lacey sock. The perfect "air conditioned" sock for the tropics. I liked the bulls eye heel. The yarn is very strong, 20% nylon, and soft and striped up well. The instructions are very clear on the provisional cast on using a crochet hook, and actually unzipped! Yay!

Blogless Big Sister is in town and pretty much cleaned out my bag stash. The latest felted Totoro is drying. The pattern is coming along, but sometimes even I can't understand it so, I guess it is not ready for prime time. I keep forgetting to write down the instructions for the tails and ears. It's a lot tougher to write down a pattern then I imagined. Kudos to all those who are able to write such coherent and easy to follow instructions!


k-brow said...

How very seasonal! Those look good enough to eat.

blogless michelle said...

i have to agree with the k-brow. the socks reminded me of reese's peanut butter indulgence to which i've recently caved, no matter the risk of allergies. they're just too yummy! perhaps they have contributed to the recent bout of heartburn i've been enduring...but i digress. seeing your socks almost makes me want to knit again! well done!

Opal said...

i agree with k-brow, but not with blogless michelle. for some reason, despite the black, i keep thinking candy corn!

beadlizard said...

Many years of experience writing patterns for small shaped critters -- send me your beta and I'll give you feedback.

I wasn't sure about the socks on the needles but think they're wonderful finished. Your proportions are just right.

smariek said...

I love them!!!

Rachel said...

WOw those are cool! I love how they look like candy corn. Great job!

KnitPastis said...

These look so pretty. I really like this pattern. Yes, socks really can be knit up at 44 sts. That's what I knit for my foot part.