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Monday, October 13, 2008


I've updated my shop with the latest and greatest Totoro as well as some medium size project bags. They are lined to deter needles from poking through and have an outside zippered pocked so yarn cannot catch on the inside of the bag.
Here's the cat with yarn one for example.

The small project bag production has come to a halt as I try to find interfacing that doesn't drive me crazy. The first batch used some interfacing in my stash and it worked like a charm. I'm on the third type of the trials and the Pellon Stacy soft flex woven fusible looks like it may work.

On the knitting scene, I've cast on for Emily with the Berocco LinenJeans yarn. It will be mindless stockinette pullover. I've also wound the Fly Dye Hott into a ball and am trying to decide whether it wants to be socks or a bag.
I've morphed the Totoro pattern into a cat and experimented with a standing cat.

Syl is reviewing my Totoro pattern for me. TIA!

It's not wintry here like Zeneedle's neck of the woods, but it's been overcast here the last few days. It did cool down the hike yesterday on the beach side of the the Makapuu lighthouse.

Blogless Miche has hatched baby boy Max. I have yet to see the little botfly. I hope they are adjusting well to baby number 1. As I recall bringing home the little one was magical and terrifying at the same time. No amount of medical school or hanging around the hospital nursery prepared me for the adventure of a lifetime. Rachel makes motherhood look so easy, all the while canning, teaching music and still having such a great sense of humor.

I find this gloomy sky, political times and stock market horror leads to introspection and questions about what now? Jobs are tight and I get that little anxiety and pressure about looking harder for a job. I meet with the financial planner later this week...hope it's not all doom and gloom.

I'm hoping Opal will post some pictures of her acorn beadcaps. I took a scroll ring class from the same teacher, Janice Berkebile. I loved the silver pounding and the final result.

Janice likes the oxidized vintage look. I prefer the sparkly silver look.


debbie said...

your rings looks pretty! i've taken classes from janice and she's tops! i love her jewelry and i always come away from her classes with great results....

Jennifer said...

Great stuff! Love the jewelry.

bockstark.knits said...

OMG, I LOVE those rings!!! Are they uncomfortable to wear?

Aim said...

Oh that jewelry from Janice's classes looks amazing!!! How lucky you are to be able to take classes from her! Cool stuff :)