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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adamas Shawl, FO

I am so happy to present Adamas Shawl. It's LACE! (okay, well not laceweight, but close enough for me:) Here is she is posing at Namea's Aloha Yarns.

Pattern: Adamas Shawl, free pattern!
Designer: Miriam L. Felton
Yarn: Cascade Heritage. I used almost all of two skeins. 2 skeins = 874.0 yards (799.2m) of colorway 9931.
Needles: size 6. I started off with bamboo but finished up with Knit Picks Options when I needed a longer cable.

I love the way the pattern made little hearts and I'm thinking they would make a nice cardigan.

(Namea knit the cool red skirt)

I tried out blogless Sandy's blocking system using the interlocking foam mats on my dining room table and her homemade blocking wires. They are made of Radnor Welding Products aluminum welding wires. Apparently they are sold in 3 ft. lengths. The locking mats are great as the pins are easy to stick in. I covered the mats with a sheet. Even with the 25% nylon, the shawl blocked well and became huge!. I'm pretty darned thrilled with this project!!

The yarn is very soft against the skin and a joy to knit with.

I took a class to learn to drill holes in beach glass. It uses a Dremel, drill stand and special flat tipped, diamond dusted drill bits. I took my bigger, not so wonderful pieces of glass to drill, as I was worried about cracking and the pieces are held with fingers while drilled. Now, what to do with the glass? The very green piece of glass is "man-made". I'd like to try making some in my rock tumbler one of these day.


Opal said...

woohoo! adamas is just gorgeous! you rocked the lace!

where did you get the interlocking foam mats?

i love those little glass pieces. i think they'd make great pendants. just stick bails on them!

Moon said...

WOW! super beautiful shawl! Its funny you said you see hearts in the pattern, I see anchors! lol
Hearts or anchor, its gorgeous!
LUv the seaglass too....

a friend to knit with said...

WOW!!! your SHAWL is beautiful!!!!!!!!
(i see hearts)

debbie said...

i love adamas! hmmm...i see little wire wrapped beach glass - so pretty....

k-brow said...

Ooooh, so perfectly beautiful. I adore the colorway. Maybe there's more lace where that came from?

Nice beachglass. Maybe a windchime or suncatcher-y thing?

You are really a renaissance woman.

Rachel said...

Fabulous job on that shawl!

Beverly said...

Lovely. It is beautiful and the perfect size. What's up next?

blogless michelle said...

Ooh, methinks I'll need a dremel tool and some bits! Love the shawl and the subliminal shapes.

Jennifer said...

Love that shawl. It looks amazing. What a lovely color, too. The beach glass is wonderful. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

smariek said...

The shawl turned out great!

le chat qui coud said...