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Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday I arrived home just in time to see the postlady driving up my street. She usually goes down past my house and then up so I knew she had already delivered mine. There was a "package at PO" note. Darn, that meant she was taking my packages back to PO for me to pick up later. The immediate gratification hog in me felt instant let down, but low and behold she swerved to my side of the street and gave me my packages! Thank you thank you thank you, nice post lady! You made my day.

I won a contest weebug had on her blog and I received a wonderful Emergency Knitting kit with two skeins a very soft alpaca Frog Tree yarn, and some great little tools and stitch markers. I really loved the post card of her knitting guild! Thanks Marti. Have fun at Madrona this weekend! And thank you so much for the fun prize!

I obsessed on the Ottolenghi Cookbook after looking at all of chotda's great flicker pictures. The pictures and recipes are very exotic and inspiring! I'll have to figure out the measurements as they are in grams, just like the book size and shape is...well not American, heh. I have it on a standard printer paper and it is narrower and taller. (now how did I get stuck on that thought?) Somehow the Lion Hat book just got added on to that order. I have been obsessing on the Urban Trekker hat ever since I saw an ad of a New York women wearing a similar hat in green.

Ella has gone to the frog pile in honor of Finish or Frog it Friday.

I'm excited about Lolly's up and coming Seeking Direction with 2009 Project Spectrum. I petered out last year, but look forward to the first color for NORTH (March/April)
Color: Green
Material: Stones/Gems/Rocks
Season: Winter
Element: Earth

Have a great weekend!


Opal said...

i have some frog tree in that same colorway! i plan on making the shetland triangle. it's a really lovely yarn. :)

nova said...

the shawl looks lovely!