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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday This and That

I took a class at the Quilt Hut called Quilted Post Cards. It seemed the perfect thing to try and use up fabric odds and ends and other bits of embellishments. I only got one card done using a pattern given to me in the class.
It had been awhile since I did any free motion quilting so it was a fun way to practice. I see I am in need of a lot more practice! I am now obsessing on the pinking rolling cutter blade. I'd seen those but didn't think I would ever use one. It was used on the edge to make the border and sandwich the card stock and interfaced mini-quilt. There was debate as to how much postage to put on these.

Another small FO is the Silky Juvenile Nettle.
Pattern: Hansigurumi Juvenile Nettle, free!
Yarn: some truly antique Crystal Palace Country silk
Needles: size 2
Mods: The pattern uses worsted weight yarn, but I used DK weight
This critter was very difficult to photograph. My two color knitting really pulled in so the "head" came out smaller then desired. Perhaps I'll make another with a larger needle. Hansigurumi has some very cute critter patterns.

The amazing Ms. Lolly's Project Spectrum 2009, Cardinal Directions is starting up.
NORTH (March/April)
Color: Green
Material: Stones/Gems/Rocks
Season: Winter
Element: Earth
My stash of greens is heavy in the bead department and a bit light in the yarn department. There is the frogged Lu, Scotian Silk by Fleece Artist, the green end of the STR medium weight Watermelon Tourmaline and a bit of handspun. Today's lunch of bitter melon and chicken in black bean sauce from The Green Papaya rounds out the mosaic.

(Bitter melon is one of those vegies people either love or hate)

The baby sister has flown in from Denver so we are catching up. We got the nice part of the day walking Magic Island and looking for driftwood. It rained just as we left and the winds are picking up again.

Number two son and I stopped by the Security store to pick a battery for the alarm system. We all agreed a battery with a hole that had bubbling fluid coming out of it was a bad thing. Apparently he has been advising me to change this battery for months! Now it's done:)

I may be coming to the end of the reams of paperwork required to be hired for work. I still have the physical to pass, so of course I'm obsessing on that and trying hard to get back on the diet. No cookies for me:(

Have a great weekend! You may have my cookies.


MK said...

Mom makes bitter melon Okinawan-style, with bacon and scrambled eggs. I like it, but one of my nephews hates it and says it tastes like medicine.

Say, your retirement hasn't lasted very long, has it.

Mokihana said...

Love the Diamond Head postcard! Is there any way that us ex-pats on the mainland can get patterns like that?

Opal said...

love the postcard. but! ADORE the nettle!

that bubbling battery sounds scary.

did you find any good driftwood?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that the postcard of Diamonhead is wonderful!!!
Bittermelon, my husband likes it but the kids and I don't. But then, he grew up with different cuisine than we did. ;-)