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Saturday, February 21, 2009

CD Drop Spindle

Pattern: CD spindles
Mods: I used two mini cds instead of regular CDs and cut the dowl 9 inches. My first cup hook broke off in the end of the dowel so I had to sand it down until it was gone, so it ended up a little shorter. My sawing is really bad, too so I ended up rounding the splintered off ends.

It wobbles some, but as I'm pretty much of a stop and spin sort of gal, it actually worked out for me. I practiced on the never ending ball of green roving and some silky blue mixture gifted to my by Opal.

I tried the nostepinne to make a ball, but I can see this will take practice.


Opal said...

i love cd spindles! i had one that spun better then a few of my hand-turned wooden ones.

lovin' those totoros!

k-brow said...

Nice! Looks like you're spinning Noro and Brown Sheep! Pretty!