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Friday, March 13, 2009

Finishing Friday

I had a list of things to finish today...mail bills, sew the buttons on Basketweave Vest, finish another quilted post card, finish Totoro Bag...nothing big. I also had a drape installed so that meant moving the TV and all those cables.

I finished a post card and got some buffalo buttons sewed on the vest. I hope it fits my friend Betty but I won't see her until August in Seattle.

The lining for the bag is in the "concept" mode. At least the planned fabric is washed and dried. I'm going for the zippered pouch look, perhaps with a wrist strap.

In my ongoing quest to find a game I like, I found this little guy...sackboy, who looks knitted. I'm probably kidding myself that I will be able to remember what all those buttons on the controller do. At least monsters don't come after sackboy and kill least I don't think they do.
Did I say he was knitted? What more can I ask for.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Opal said...

oh wow! that postcard is awesome! i love love love the honu. :)

sandy said...

Belated Happy Birthday!! Hope your day was great.

smariek said...

That is a super cute postcard!

urban craft said...

oh you have the cutest stuff. That postcard is awesome. So is everything else. Great blog. Thanks!

blogless michelle said...

i too am loving that honu postcard! i'm certain it was inspired by the time you spent as junior honu ranger at laniakea. ; )

happy belated birthday, auntie barb!

Julia said...

Your postcard is awesome! Will they be in the shop? :o)

Mokihana said...

Love love the honu postcard too!! Wow!!

pacalaga said...

That post card is SO cute!

Monika said...

I LOVE your post card!