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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Something frogged, Something started and Something done

Frogged: This diagonal rib sock in this unusual spotty Koigu colorway. It is ugly, what can I say.

Started: Two Hearts from A Fine Fleece, in Mountain Morning Beaverslide Worsted. I am knitting in the round and added some ribbing instead of the rolled hem. I'm learning to cable without the cable needle. Grumperina has a very helpful tutorial.

I purchased the very cute crocheted Totoro from ellesbanscuties Etsy store. He is just adorable! She is creating an army of them!

The cardinal beads were a gift from Kim. Thank you!

Finished: Cookie A's Pomatomus. I enjoyed knitting them and the pattern was much easier to follow then I thought it would be. The yarn is green Koigu, and counts as my Project Spectrum project.

The job training has started and I'm doing a bunch of web based learning modules and finding my way around Pearl Harbor and Kaneohe Marine Base where I will be working. I got new lab coats and decided to be cheap and do my own alterations. I got my first look at the electronic medical will take a while to get used to navigating it. My first actual working day is April 2. I will only fill in for 3 providers in case of illness or vacation.

The weather held up nicely for a walk with the blogless Jan and her Blue Healers. Malu, "my dog", ate no more birds on my watch, but I did notice Jan has fewer chickens now. Bad Malu-boy! He may be a case for Cesar.

Have a great week everyone!


santos. said...

that is one cute crocheted totoro. i think the "cabling without a cable needle" thing is sort of joke, but also sometimes the lesser of two evils.

Jennifer said...

Ooh - love those socks. They're adorable. Wear them well. : D

k-brow said...

Glad to see the cardinals getting some action! You're breaking even with the Koigu curse, it looks like...those Pomatomas are pretty! I like the colorway of the other Koigu too, but it looks like it might knit up kinda splotchy.

Opal said...

the totoro is adorable! and your pomatomus socks are gorgeous.

i'm sorry your koigu didn't work out in that pattern. hopefully another pattern will make that yarn shine.

Terby said...

Beautiful socks. I love that you're showing the projects you're frogging - although I keep casting on, you're inspiring me to revisit some stragglers and make some decisions.

smariek said...

Beautiful socks. Too bad the other pair didn't work out.

Rachel said...

Those socks look really nice!

tamdoll said...

Those socks came out so nice. I agree, the pattern was much simpler than I expected it to be, and a pleasure to knit.