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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today started off with a wonderful rainbow outside my patio door!

There was also a surprise bloom out there...

It looked like rain...again...but although still blustery the sun came out and it got pretty warm. Today was soap making class at the Foster Botanical Garden. Blogless Melody retired from Kaiser last year a couple months before I did and she is "broadening her horizons" and those of others as a Friend of the Botanical Garden. As it turned out, the soap was quite easy to make. It just required a microwave oven to melt the base soaps, and various botanicals, pressed leaves and scents. In no time I had these very fragrant soaps. Can you smell the Mandarin Orange scent?

We all got a bag of lavender which I will give to the Knitted Brow next time I see her.

Foster Gardens has always been one of my favorite places. It is a lush garden in Honolulu full of exotic plants. I loved the moss on the rocks...

..the plumeria now with leaves and flowers.

...and so many weird and wonderful trees there, such as this spiny thing.

I'll have to go back there soon.

So what about the knitting? The green Koigu is rolled up into balls, and the pattern is selected. 2414 projects in Ravelry, Cookie A, Pomatomus. Cast on tomorrow. That's the plan. Because tomorrow is another day!


k-brow said...

Ooooh, lavender!! I will cherish it. I am planning that little heart sachet yet!

I noticed on your blog traffic feed that you've got some traffic from Huntington, WVA. I've got relatives there. My mom is a West Virginian, as is Aunt Jan, who visited last winter.

Nice orchid. Tis the season.

Opal said...

yay for pomatomus! i really hope you enjoy that pattern.

lovely soap!

debbie said...

oh, pretty soap...pretty rainbow too! happy knitting! how was aloha yarns - i got stuck in waipahu and then talking to parents, so never made it over the mountain....have a nice week!

Lisa Boyer said...

That soap looks like fun! I've always wanted to make the pomatomus socks--I'm anxious to see what your pattern review is. I hear Cookie has a book now--you can pre-order at Amazon! Her patterns are amazing--but do you find that they run small? Short and narrow heels?

Anonymous said...

The soaps are lovely! I really need to dig out my stuff and make a batch one of these days.

One of the things i love most about living here are the surprise rainbows. It makes me smile when I see one while I'm driving my daughter to school in the morning. Or when I'm in traffic on H1. Or really any time. :)