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Monday, September 06, 2010

Totoro Tuesday

I have this banner hanging in a blank spot over a doorway and I can see it from my sewing cave. Totoro can fly on his spinning top. In this scene the kids stick to him like velcro...just one of the really cute details in the Totoro story. Most of the time Totoro's ride the catbus. The Ghibli Museum showed a movie about the Grand Catbus that was just adorable. The catbus has mice for headlights and is extremely plush inside. It can fly, too, and is responsible for the wind blowing.

These are the latest Totoro. I was on a blue roll since frogging my Twilight hat and turning it into Totoro's. I've busted out the gray Beaverslide to make some gray ones. The little chibi came out very cute. I'm experimenting with different tails. I wish my wool stuffing would get here soon.

I got inspired to make a few earrings. The bone pikake had been hanging out in the stash forever and are finally done. One pair will be a Christmas gift for my blogless sister.
The extra long tourmaline earrings were snatched up by a young lady. They are too long for me but apparently a 20 something can pull it off.


MsKnottyKnits said...

Love the new totoros! They always make me smile.

Zonda said...

Those totoros are cute! Lovely earrings too!