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Monday, September 13, 2010

Totoro Tuesday

Satsuki (10) and Mei(4) are sisters who move to the country with their dad to be closer to mom, who is in a sanitarium. Satsuki is the older sister and Mei is the baby sister. One night the girls go to the bus stop to wait for dad as he has forgotten his umbrella. While waiting for the bus, OTotoro comes to wait with them. It starts to rain and the girls lend him an umbrella. He takes great delight in listening to the rain drops fall from the tree onto the umbrella, and gives the girls a present. When the lights of the bus appear, they are surprised to see the catbus that has come to pick up OTotoro, complete with mousie headlights. It's not clear what mom is in the sanitarium for, but she does recover by the end of the movie.

Here are the latest Totoro cards.
My card-making buddy is off being pioneer woman and building a log cabin. She won’t be back until November. I feel like the tympani that has lost the orchestra. On top of that, my Sizzix is off to the machine shop. It just suddenly froze up. I hope to see it again one of these days.


sandy said...

Is that a quilted totoro pillow in the background? Did you quilt it?
Too cute.

k-brow said...

Oh gosh, I am loving your Totoro Tuesdays!! Sorry your bud is gone, but hopefully you can get invited to hang out in the log cabin once it's done!

How's it in Nuuanu these days? Are you still getting that 7:30am and 4:15 pm rain each day?

mri said...

Their mom was probably being hospitalized for TB. Japan, like a lot of other countries, had a big problem with taking care of their sick folks back in the day.