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Monday, September 20, 2010

Totoro Tuesday

In 1998 I joined a quilting group to learn to hand quilt. There were 8 of us. We met every 6 weeks or so for one year. A name was pulled and that person selected the quilt theme, and provided the backing fabric, a special item, and 2 contrasting solids. We then each made a block for that person. After all our blocks were finished, we made a center block for our own quilt, sashed, quilted and bound it. It was a proud day and tribute to our wonderful teacher Elaine, when our quilts were displayed at the Quilt Guild show at Linekona. It was a fun bunch of ladies and the time is full of great memories. I learned a lot and have a one of a kind quilt to enjoy!
Naturally my theme was Totoro. The special item was an acorn fabric as Totoros, especially Chibi and Chu, collect acorns. I've posted about this quilt before, but I got it out and took more pictures, include the label with our group on the beach behind Elaine's house in Hale'iwa in our purple Kaiser T-shirts.
(more photos available on flickr)
On the knitting note, I finished a hat using my funky hand spun, and my witches hat. I was all set to decorate the witch hat in the colors of Ravenclaw since I also seem to test into that Hogwarts House. Recently, I took a test and the results were that the character I was most like was Severus Snape. Perhaps it has something to do with the dark mood I've been in lately. So what will it be? Silver/Bronze and Navy or Silver and Green? I really don't like snakes.

Cathy Scott from Funky Orange on Ravelry has really written a clever pattern. After the knitting it is about 3 feet long but shrinks down nicely. I plan to give the hat a little shave and look for a wig. I was thinking gray, but if I'm in Slytherin, perhaps green hair would be better.


sandy said...

Wow Barb...I didn't know you also quilted. Awesome quilt!!

Jess said...

Your quilt came out absolutely gorgeous! I love the creativity of each square.

The witch hat is wonderful, I like the idea of green hair of you go Slytherin! Though that is hard choice between Ravenclaw and Slytherin for me personally. Any way you do it I think it will come out wonderfully!

Daniele said...

What a wonderful quilt! I have had a quilt on my frame for at least 10 years now.... You made me at least think about it!! Knitting just seemed to get in the way of quilting for me. Even though quilting was my first love. Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing!

MsKnottyKnits said...

I love love love your quilt! That is such a great piece of work with a fabulous story to go along with it!

Snape Snape... Servius Snape. I love Servius Snape!

(So you know my vote, hehe)

Silvia M. said...

That is the most awesome quilt I have ever seen! I want one too! :)