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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Candy Howl

Pattern: Modified from Lion's Brand Diagonal Eyelet Cowl
Yarn: Araucania Colium Multi, #06, pinks and purples. This is a bulky single ply with 30%silk and 70%wool. It stayed together through a bunch frogging
Needles: size 13
Modifications: I just used the pattern stitch, CO 44 and finished with an i-cord bind-off. The cord is a twisted cord with poms, thread through the second row of holes from the CO edge. The pattern knits with the "bumpy" side out, but I liked the smooth side better. The cord can be gathered and word on the outside or inside.

The Tour de Fleece spinning is coming along. The second half is just going more slowly. I moved my wheel on to the carpet and now there is a funny knock from one of the peddles. I'm spinning on.


sandy said...

Need to grease that squeeky wheel. Same thing happens to mine.

Zonda said...

I swear there is always a noise when spinning!

Neat hat/cowl combo!