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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Final Day Tour de Fleece

Final Day Tour de Fleece by acornbud
Final Day Tour de Fleece, a photo by acornbud on Flickr.
Plied polwarth, fingering weight or so, hot off the bobbin. My time zone is 12 hours from the actual Tour and I'm not sure what the rule is, but I'm counting this in.
I'm looking forward to soaking this to see if it will bloom like my other polwarth.

This was a very enjoyable tour for me. I still don't quite get all the rules of where and what to post and how to win a prize, but the joy is in the spinning.  Perhaps the Tour de France will grow on me, too, although I really don't like seeing the crashes.  The weather was sure glorious this year.


kbrow said...

You love the Polwarth! I love those subtle colors.

sandy said...

Wow! very nice....I hope my plied Polwarth looks like that.