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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Tour de Fleece 2012 Day 2

I got off to a late start this year being mostly oblivious to things in the sports world. However, the Kaylee (Firefly inspired) SW merino from Woolen Mill Street Yarns is spinning up like a dream! These colors are a real departure from my usual gloomy choices, but the hot pink is such a happy color! My goal is to spin a fingering-sport weight 2-ply that is less dense then my usual spinning, and to make the singles more consistent in diameter. I wanted to to do sock yarn, but I've read pure merino does not wear very well. I'm not sure what this happy yarn will be. Perhaps a striped shawl as I have some green that may match.
My worsted-bulky 2 ply SW merino/seacell from dyeing for color, is waiting to be dyed. I spun this up before the Tour so can't really count it in. Friday will be the day it gets dyed. The fiber on this was shorter then some merino I've spun. I was going for fatter singles and the thick-thinness of my singles was much more pronounced then on the thinner singles.
Practice practice practice.


Beverly said...

They felt some with wear and one pair of mine developed holes in both heels at the same but they make very soft socks.

They lasted about 4 years with regular rotation during the fall and winter months.

Acornbud said...

Thanks for the info!

sandy said...

Love the spinning and the colors.
See you on Friday!