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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Mailman Cometh

Just as I was beginning to lose hope that my yarn from Knit Happens had been kidnapped, the much stalked mailman came through. I wound all the Cascade 220 into balls, getting a thrill out of watching the yarn swift spin round and round, and admired the 3 balls piled up and rolling around. I started my helmet liner. I have never used Cascade 220 before although I have read about it a lot, and it is very soft and not scratchy at all. It is a fun knit for the me who actually likes mindless stretches, especially with size 6 and 8 needles, cuz I can see it grow before my very eyes and watch movies at the same time. Just don't knit black in the a darkened room without wearing night vision goggles.

My first Koigu also came. It is purple for my purple loving best friend. It is wonderfully soft and lucious. I think I'll just fondle it for a while.

The second skein of another first, my Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock yarn in camoflague, was in the package, too.

While I don't have serious yarn porn like Knittin' Mom's 250+balls (or was it really 503?), what I have is all mine to play with. gna ha ha!

I have cut out my final needle case for the straight needles. I have 3 sets of really long needles, but decided to leave them out and just make it for the 10 inchers.

The last thing the mailman brought was more of these plastic pillows from I had just managed to reuse or give away most of them, and okay, I admit I popped some and threw them away, and today I got a very huge box of them again. There was gift I ordered for my ex in there, too. Now I have to have guilt about what I do with all of them, sigh. At least the box can be recycled.

While trying to fulfil some of my Christmas list, I stopped by the new Border's at Pearlridge and picked up Sensational Knitted Socks, by Charlene Schurch.


keohinani said...

oOOoh...! new yarn!!! *drool* yeah, knit happens usually takes about a week to get there.
you should keep the plastic pillows for mailing later or something? you know, if you send care packages to your sisters on the mainland or something? i'm sort of a pack rat, so i've kept most if not all of the packing stuff. my mom is stoked because now she has boxes and packing stuff she can use to mail stuff to my grandma in georgia. i just wish she wouldn't send her all the stuff i make! i made a hat and gave it to my mom, who then sent it to my grandma. i made angel earrings which i left with my mom and, though they've been deemed "lost," i'm sure they're in transit to grandma as well. *sigh*
btw, check out my blog! i worked on some of those tsumami kanzashi lately. i found that if you starch iron the material a bit before cutting it up into squares, the material is a lot easier to work with. the folds hold better and the flower is a bit more sturdy. FYI :)

debbie said...

doesn't yarn make you so happy! i've yet to try lorna's laces and koigu...looks like you've got serious knitting in your future!

candsmom said...

Oooh, what a wonderful yarn haul! And it's a good thing that mailman finally delivered, or it might've been a yarn maul, instead! ;-) That Cascade looks yummy and I love the Totoro clock. And the Koigu is just BEAUTIFUL!! Everyone knows I don't care for purple very much, but I think that colorway is GORGEOUS. How does Koigu manage to do that??! And I'm oh-so-jealous of your new book purchase! You always get all the good ones. ;-)

Lolly said...

Lovely yarns, Barb! Funny that you ordered all the way from Knit Happens - that is actually a store less than an hour from me in Virginia, and I have never been there to visit.

Love that purple Koigu!

Have a good weekend ;)