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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Needle Case and Sock, Still in progress

I loved the way the dp needle case came out so I decided to make a crochet hook case. Once again I used some scraps from my purple phase. In the decluttering I have promised to throw away small scraps...really, I have to let go of the idea that I will ever make a postage stamp quilt. I need more immediate gratification then that! But I still have a ton of fabric in my stash.

In imagining this crochet hook case I thought that 3/4 inch would be enough for most of the hooks and I would have two rows. Well it's a tight squeeze. Then I forgot to sew the bottom edge of the top pocket down before sewing on the bottom one. So, I ended up have to shorten the bottom pocket so the hooks wouldn't disappear into the pocket.

So, this crochet hook case may have a twin one of these days. Still have to figure out a plan for the circulars.

The Magic Loops two socks at once are progressing slowly. The heel was a real challenge. I ended up have to frog the heels anyway due to the hole problem discussed everywhere, so I joined the yarn to try and match up the heels. I was kind of cool to have unmatched heels, but I wanted the ankle portion to match a little better.

The short row heel did not come out perfect, but I decided to move on. This project is going ever so slow, and the impatient knitter I am is so praying that Cascade 220 I ordered will come soon.


keohinani said...

maybe you can make some tsumami kanzashi out of the scraps? this has some directions. there's this website that has the examples. i stumbled upon it and perhaps it will help you get the most mileage out of the fabric?

candsmom said...

I LOVE your crochet hook case!! Your fabric is so beautiful. I'd really love to make one of those. And man, you sure whipped it out, too! The socks are looking fantastic. I'd say that's a LOT of progress, especially since you're doing two at once. I really want to see all your different craft stashes someday- you've got such great stuff! :-)

keohinani said...

yeah, count me in on any craft showcases with chris! i've seen you bead, sew, tat, and knit...what don't you do?!
and yeah, those kanzashi are so cute, aren't they!? so easy to make, too! i think if i don't finish the socks, i'll just make a bunch of these for my girls for christmas.

debbie said...

oooh...i want to try the magic loop now! and your needle case is beautiful!

Terby said...

Oh wow! Beautiful case and those socks match perfectly.