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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Final Days of 2005

Broadripple sock number two is a little over half done. I must say, I love the Koigu KPPPM. It is so springy and durable, but then maybe I mentioned that already. This colorway did not stripe much and bring out the patterns chevrons, but I do like it anyway.

Did you every have a yarn that just didn't know what it wanted to be when it grew up? My sister gave me 3 balls of Inca Tops 50% Alpaca silk yarn as it did not sing to her . I tried knitting a scarf when I first got it, and then the fingerless cabled gloves in Holiday Knits. It didn't want to be any of those. The latest effort is Twosheep's helix scarf. This yarn really feels wonderful. It is very soft, but I think it is too drapey to show off the double helix pattern well. I did discover that the K1P1 seed stitch looks nice. Maybe a plain, daintier version of Seaman's scarf is what it wants to be

I ordered some yarn sight unseen to knit Rogue. Scary!

It is a cool, sunny, dry winter so far. The vog is pretty thick somedays. Venus and Mars are putting on quite a show in the sky. It's a good year for avocados and citrus. Guacamole anyone?


Terby said...

That sock looks great!

I have homeless, project-less yarn in my stash. It still won't tell me what it wants to be. Good luck with finding your yarn's destiny!

And yum. Citrus and avocado are a wonderful combination.

debbie said...

i love how your broadripple sock turned out! i've yet to try my hand with koigu. i too have yarn that was intended for certain projects, but for lack of time (and memory), still sit....the vog was especially killing my eyes on thursday - all i could do was sleep when i got home from work....

candsmom said...

Your Broadripple sock is so beautiful!! That Koigu is just gorgeous and it knows it, sassy little thing. ;-) I love the pairing of purple and brown- very nice combination. Some of my yarn is a lot like me- thought it knew what it wanted to be when it grew up, but then changed its mind. :-) I remember you bringing that beautiful alpaca silk to SnB. Softness to die for! I love your DNA scarf so much, especially the little nucleotide pairings. ;-) The neutral color is wonderful. Can't wait to see your Rogue yarn!! And guacamole is definitely on the menu at our house, too!! :-) Take care!

Sandee Yo! said...

The colors on the sock are SO pretty!

I've been wanting to make June's helix scarf...the color is a good one for it, and the pattern looks good too, maybe give it a chance?

kimberly said...

That sock looks great! Go purple.
Yes, I think you may be right about the yarn being a bit drapey for that pattern, from what I can see. By the way, I love that scarf pattern, thanks for sharing!! It's on my list.
I can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous yarn.

knittinmom said...

Great sock! I love the Koigu, too. I just wish it was superwash...sigh.

That helix scarf is too cool! I've heard the name mentioned around, but I've never actually seen one. I like!