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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Maybe the last needle case

The next project for me will be the purple Koigu for my purple loving best friend. I know there is a good chance her dog Ebony will find them tasty, but I love Ebony, too. They live in Seatlle near the Troll under the Bridge. I am trying to decide whether to do Ann Budd's Woman's Fancy Rib Socks or Knitty's Broadripple Socks, and am leaning toward the Broadripples.

I finished the needle case for my straight needles and here it is in all it's purple glory. (And yes, and a blue Totoro did join the crowd because the others wanted to be in the picture, too)

The pattern is ginkgo leaves. The Ginkgo appeals to me because of it's fan shaped leaves and the fact that it has survived from prehistoric days. And, it's supposed to be good for the memory and grandma used to put the nuts in her nishime.

Well, enough of purple, except for those socks!

I wonder what candsmon's favorite color is?


candsmom said...

Your needle case looks fantastic!! I think purple might be starting to grow on me. Actually, I'm not sure that I ever really didn't like it, so much as I just rejected it because it was my mom, grandma and 2 sisters' favorite color. My whole life, our house was innundated by purple stuff!! It used to drive my dad and I batty. But lately, I've been noticing that purple stuff has been catching my eye, though I'll never admit it to the family, he. ;-) I really love your needle case (and honestly, the color, too!) and the Koigu. I think Broadripple would be great with the Koigu. And look at all your cute Totoros! I didn't realize you'd made so many more. And my favorite color? Funny, because it grosses out everyone in my family except for my dad (although, as you know, not much grosses him out), but I'd have to say green, Kermit green. I'd never wear it, but I love everything green!! Have a great Sunday, B! :-)

debbie said...

i love your needle case! and broadripple is a nice and fun pattern - i can't wait to continue finishing mine....

kimberly said...

Yet another wonderful creation. You do amazing work. Those little spectators are cute, too. I just love purple, now that I have a little girl to make purple and pink things for-go purple. I think you should knit those
Broadripple socks.

June said...

Love the Totoro dolls in the background! The needle case looks lovely.

keohinani said...

i was never too keen on purple, either. i was scarred for life by this girl whose dad was co-workers with my dad. she was the devil incarnate! and her favorite color was purple. my parents would drop me off at her house for the day, thinking everything was good...oh god, she was so passive-aggressively abusive! i purposely made plans more often with my other friends so i wouldn't have to go over to her house for play dates.
however, i don't consider plum and aubergine to be within the same color family as the purple i love to hate (evil girl's favorite color was a *certain* shade of purple, so i avoid that one like the plague). don't ask me how exactly i've rectified it in my head, but i somehow think of it as deep magenta or burgundy with undertones of blue instead of "purple."
coming from someone who doesn't even know what her favorite color is, i must seem abnormal.
you are so crafty! love it love it love it!

Lolly said...

Lovely needle case! ;)

Beak-Knits said...

The needle case looks great! I too love ginko patterns. We had a ginko tree near our house in Richmond, and I loved that when the wind blew it sounded like water. One of my favorite things!!