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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rolling and Ramblin'

It poured rain for about 30 minutes today, I mean really poured! Then it stopped and this was the beginning of sunset tonight.

I left early today to do some shopping and avoid the crowds. I have mostly unfussy boys to to shop for. I found some shirts...boring;) I also ran into a friend who was ogling the water massage at the mall, so got her a gift certificate. YAY! That thing looked pretty weird to me. The client gets into this humidor face down and and is covered with what appears to be a large garbage bag. Jets of water move up and down, pummeling the poor soul. I hope she enjoys it. I'm not a good judge of these sort of things. I avoided massages for years and since I went for my first one, I'm now hooked. I had had enough shopping by noon, so after a stop at the grocery store went home. Once again I avoided any major housecleaning, although, I did move things from the hall back into the closet.

Thanks to Kimberly and her neat circular case, I got an inspiration for my own circular needles. I figured I needed about 20 pockets, and I would leave out the cat, but was afraid it wouldn't roll. It was also going to be quite large as the pockets had to be deep enough so the circulars wouldn't pop out the side. Well it doesn't quite roll, but I think it has to do with cardboards I slipped in the pockets for identification. I'll try making them smaller.

I decided to go partially pink and use up the pansy fabric from my pansy period.


candsmom said...

What a great pic of the sunset! The thunder was so loud in Makiki that the kids and I cowered under the covers together like 'fraidy cats. Hooray for being able to cross people off your shopping list! I've never seen that water massage place you talked about...then again, you're talking to the person who didn't know that Barnes and Noble opened till I read yours and Jill's posts. :-P And man, WHERE are you finding the time to make all these fabulous needle cases??! I'm in awe- I don't know how you manage to do everything you do! The case is gorgeous and I think I'd like to steal your idea and try making one for myself soon. :-)

debbie said...

nice sunset! here in kaneohe the lightening was quite a show even though it was daytime! love the pansy fabric; you're really on a sewing roll (no pun intended).

Lolly said...

My sister in Kailua was telling me about the same storm - sounds like it was raining cats and dogs! ;) It flooded her backyard.

Love the needle case - I wish I had sewing skills!

Take care~

debbie said...

aloha barb! my broadripple socks done in cascade fixation is a cross between purple and fushia (#6178). now that i'm further down the leg, i see my knitting is actually tighter than denise's, but the pattern shows up a little better....i think i'll just keep on knitting because it's a relaxing pattern.

nichola said...

Beautiful sunset! Your needle rolls atre lovely.

kimberly said...

That case really came out well. I really like what you did with it. I like the double pockets-you have lots of needles. I just put more than one needle in each pocket if I had more of one size. That's really pretty material.