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Friday, August 01, 2008

I zipped through Nora Ephron's book, I Feel Bad About My Neck and other thoughts on being a Woman, while Atonement and the first Vampire Hunter D graphic novel languish at my bedside reading spot.
There is no greater humiliation imo then trying on the swim suits. On Ms. Ephron's list of "what I wished I'd known"..."Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of 35 you will nostalgic for at the age of 45." and "At the age of 55 you will get a saggy roll just above your waist, even if you are painfully thin."
No one has ever accused me of being painfully thin so I won't scare anyone off with the telling reflections in those mirrors! A 20 something young women saw what I was reading and said she read about that book and though she would read it. Umm, I'm sorry, I don't know if it will make much sense at that age.
At Lands End, it is the end of bathing suit season so I had no luck. I finally found a similar style at Sears, but it has those underwires in it. Perhaps it's time for me to try an underwire as it has been years since I crossed those off my list. I hope they are better now. After all, man has been to the moon and back numerous times since then.

I've cast on the front of Portland Lobster. The full back picture shows my wonky cable twists, but I will resist pointing them out like I usually do. It's sooo obvious only a blind person won't see it.
This colorway is so difficult to reproduce digitally.

I followed Little Sesame Knits Super Easy DIY Sock Blocker Tutorial and made sock blockers out of a plastic place mat. I have only one sock done but can't wait to try them.

Spring Forward is such an easy pattern. I hope these socks are not too big for my sister as it casts on 66 stitches on number 1s. The Koigu was free from Vron via Opal. Lucky me it wasn't Opal's color;)

Free Koigu!!!

I have been retired one month now. I love it so far.


Opal said...

I must be blind, because I couldn't detect a wonky cable. *blink*

I love your sock blockers! Now I want to make some of my own!

Congratulations on your one month anniversary. :)

Joufknister said...

I read that book too some time ago, and really, I DO feel bad about my neck.....

weebug said...

i love your sock blockers too! and i hate trying on bathing suits. yuck~

Terby said...

The color may be hard to reproduce, but it's gorgeous. Ditto on the cables.

KnitPastis said...

Totally awesome cables you knitted!
In love with your socks! I only wished I could knit socks this good.

Oh, the neck thing...yeah read that book and I have a bad gene passed down to me from my grandmother, to my dad to me. The loose goose neck. We hold our wrinkles there. Ok, don't want to think about it.