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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Yesterday, August 8, 2008

The number 8 is considered a lucky number and can bring good fortune. Many weddings were scheduled in Hawaii. No Olympic opening for me. I was feasting at a wedding. It was a beautiful backyard affair with wonderful food all homemade by friends and family of the couple. The bride's dad and his friend personally caught all the tako (octopus) for the squid luau which was especially yummy. The locally caught tako are so much sweeter then the frozen, imported stuff. Squid luau is a local concoction of luau (taro leaves), squid and coconut milk. Luau has a lot of calcium oxalate in it so it has to be cooked to death. It's not a pretty food, but it tastes good. For me, the fried aku bones were a real treat. Seasoned to perfection and so ono with poi.

The bride's dad has created a wonderful garden of fruit trees and I scored a bag of longan to take home. Woohoo!!!

The cake was simple and dainty with red dots and roses!.

The sky was cloudy in Kahaluu, but it did not rain:)


debbie said...

sounds like a sweet the pretty cake!

m.k. said...

I think that squid luau looks like a poopy diaper and smells kind of rank too - I love it! and it's one of my favorite things about going to local parties, because I never make it at home.

Opal said...

squid luau is my all-time favorite party dishes. i often pick which party i'm going to go to by whether or not they'll have it. well... not really, but i wish i could!

weebug said...

the cake and the sky are both beautiful

Aim said...

Wow, that cake is the cutest thing ever. Then to hear you talk about squidly nastiness and calcium oxalate...and what the heck are longan?! I'm just a poor mainlander who's been a landlubber her whole life. And even tho the FIL chased me around the house with a forkful of octopus, the suction cups made me turn it down! I have yet to try that stuff!!!!!