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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sewing FO

My blogless sister Susan wanted to see my bags. The quest was to make a bag for me to carry my water bottle and necessities for hiking. The lining of my fanny pack melted, if you can imagine, just melted(!!) onto my cel phone. How rude. Along the way as it always happens, I was led astray by a book in my stash, Mary Mulari's Made for Travel as well concern over the fabric stash languishing in the tubs until the proper storage unit can be found.

This tiny back pack is made from some upholstery fabric that never became the pillow it was supposed to be. The strap stopper thingys were cannibalized from a worn out back pack. I have rolls of grosgrain ribbon that finally found a use. In the book she recommends folding the ribbon in half and sewing the edges, making the straps double thickness. It's a lot easier to sew then the webbing. I don't know if I like her "exposed" zipper technique, at least for this fabric which was pretty ravel-y. I wonder if it hold up with use. I appear to have once collected zippers found in bags at thrift stores so I was happy to use a few.

This "green" bag was a test. It is a zippered tote that has an extension and outside pockets. I contemplated different ways to stiffen the bottom. I didn't like the cardboard idea as it may get wet in a grocery bag and read about using plastic canvas on the Net. I sewed a little pocket and cut some plastic canvas to fit the bottom. Yes, I had plastic canvas even though I don't do plastic canvas. It was purchased to make the earring holder in the picture frame thingy, which was a bust for me, btw. I like the construction of this bag. I may make another one, a bit bigger to replace my Hawaiian fabric one with the wonky bottom, but a little stiffer and with inside pockets, too. In fact, if no one stops me I may make a ton of these bags and my family will all get one for Christmas!

And I still don't have the bag for hiking. I have a plan, though;)

Portland Lobster is moving along. I am getting the hang of the cable pattern, and I love knitting with this Berroco Lobster Mix Ultra Alpacca, so of course that means Spring Forward is still a single sock. But at least the ball is now wound.

It's been over one month since retirement. I may be boring, but I'm not bored yet! Does anyone have fool proof recipe for pho?

I used canned chicken soup for the base. Maybe I'll have to get some chicken bones and make my own broth.


Beverly said...

Nice, useful sewing fo's. I used some fabric recently that I was worried about raveling from the zipper. Did you serge the seam? I forgot to.

Rachel said...

Nice job on the sewing. It's nice to use up that fabric, isn't it?

bockstark.knits said...

Very nice bags!!! I wish I had more time to sew!

weebug said...

i hope that someday i'll have time to actually do some sewing. your bags look wonderful.

Opal said...

Oh but I love the Hawaiian fabric bag! I'll be sad to see it replaced.

I love the other bags though. Maybe you can rotate them? :)

Terby said...

Share the recipe if you get a foolproof pho! I keep making your tofu salad this summer.