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Monday, August 11, 2008

Walking in Waimanalo

Sunday I walked in Waimanalo with my blogless friend J and her blue healers, Malu and Boki. Malu is my loaner dog where I get to practice my pack leader skills learned from watching Mr. Milan on TV. We successfully navigated the horse poop on the trail, although I did not always keep Malu from eating that white stuff on the trail. We decided in the end it was some sort of chalk to mark the trail and not toxic.

On the loop to the car, I was treated to a thrilling view of the Koolaus with the almost always present mist at the top.

Malu is on the right and Boki on the left. Boki is more white and older.

We found this bush on the back side of Frankie's with dramatic red/pink fluffy flowers all over it and buds that looked like raspberries.

This other mystery flower was growing outside the house of the wedding I went to 8/8/2008.

On the knitting front, bucket hat and Spring Forward sock number 2 are hibernating and Portland Lobster is moving forward. I've cast on two sleeves at once which always makes the knitting seem to crawl.


Jennifer said...

Wow - great pictures. Thanks for taking us with you on your walk.

beadlizard said...

Drooling. If only my eye could handle the pressure changes of air travel! I would love to go on that walk... Thank you for the view of such a beautiful place.

a friend to knit with said...

wow. fabulous walk!

Opal said...

I love the view of the Ko'olau Range from Waimanalo! It's good to see you're having so much fun

KnitPastis said...

Can I go walking with you! That's breath taking. Now that could get me to walk for a good five miles without even realizing it.

trying to see if I can locate your Claptois you knitted xo

Aim said...

Those are really great views on your walk, both overhead and underfoot! What a nice place to walk :) Love the mystery plants

weebug said...

those are some pretty incredible photos. thank you for sharing some of your island's beauty.