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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Poof! Halloween is over! On to Christmas!

Halloween is so different now. The weather was blustery and cool, but there was no rain...perfect for the little trick or treat-ers. So where were they? I had no takers. This made my son very happy as he now has all the candy to himself. Sigh.

I enjoyed this costume from the "Bento Man".

So I guess Christmas is officially on its way. Apparently Thanksgiving will be jumped over by the retailers in an effort to make up for the bad economy. The Knitted Brow talked me in to the Little Knits Noro silk garden sale, so I did my my part in boosting the economy. Of course Noro SG is not stash, you know, more like a necessity, "like oxygen" to quote catnip610 from the Ravelry group.

The linen/cotton Emily is officially hibernating. Instead I am working on a Christmas stocking for our only family baby, baby M. My embroidery sucks, but I'm determined to get her name on the stocking.

I'm obsessing bit on how the "el" in the middle look like another "d". Anybody know of and good embroidery tricks or tutorials? I think I will attempt to embroider some blue flowers either on the white or green sections or both.
I adapted the 66 stitch stocking from Sensational Knitted socks with the knit in afterthought heel so the heel would be red. The yarn is Cascade 220. I wish had figured out the math to put in some Norwegian stars although my multiple row Fairisle still tends to pull in.

Thanks to blogless D and B, my 2 Totoros are off to a good home and don't have to hang out in the shop. I put the UH small project bag and a My Melody Bento bag in the shop. I will be in the production mode next week:)

1 comment:

Opal said...

1. Love the Bento Man costume!!

2. I think your embroidery looks great. But if you really want to do something with it, maybe you can make the l "loopy". My description skills fail me.

3. My Melody!! Too cute. Memories light the corners of my mind. :)