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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After many starts and restarts, I think Damson is finally found it's rhythm. The true test will be when I get to the scallop. Two others on Ravelry used the sea silk. One was two rows short and the other had just a smidgen left. I'm hoping that my tight knitting will allow me to finish this project. Keep your fingers crossed!

I finished 5 bags for my Etsy store, but then my mom came by and snagged 4 of them. She is planning to give them to her golf friends to use as snack bags.

Last week I started yoga. It's seems to be the in thing. There is no music or bouncing around like my previous exercise classes. Alas, I think someone has stolen my triceps and replaced them with wings. The instructor keeps encouraging my arms to lace behind my boldly go where they have never been before. Sometimes I think they are attached in a unique way. The Knitted Brow said yoga will make me that is my goal. I'm going to be taller when I grow up.

Kiko has grown so much. She is sleek and shiny. She is eating all the houseplants and scratching up the screens and furniture. She is an ankle biter. She has also brought my parents great joy. She has endeared herself to my dad (who just turned 90 10/4/09) by sleeping at night and in there bed like she belongs there.


loppa said...

As a friend of Totoro I had to come back to your blog for a visit. Your TP-covers are adorable! :)

chris said...

Wow, 90! Happy Belated Birthday to your dad! Kiko is just adorable. Love those bright kitten eyes! I remember my kitten used to keep me up all night the first month I brought him home- hope Kiko's behaving well!