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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just the Pomaire Tile Stole WIP

This week I covered a very busy 40 hour week and I tell you it pooped me out. I had some small triumphant moments, some sadness,lots of frustration with the electronic medical record, and met a lot of new people, mostly Navy this week. Such is my life as primary care physician. As a "prn" (fill-in) provider I can look forward to some time off.

The etsy store has suffered for it as there is only one lonely bag in there. I hope to recoup the energy this weekend and make a few more. I'm also trying to visualize a bigger bag. The current style was designed around the recycled cd base. I don't have anything larger to recycle for a bigger base. I don't think I'm ready to give up my 45s or my ancient 78 hula records from the 49th state record company.

Got any ideas out there?

Pomaire Tile Stole WIP is about 50% done. I love the soft 100% cotton.

I noticed the last skein I added left a definite line (not very obvious in the picture but more obvious up close. Now I have to obsess a bit on this and decide what to do. No doubt I'll be lazy and just let it be.

It's a cloudy day, but the trades are back. It seems like typical Halloween weather. Last year it was terrible and I got no trick or treaters. It's usually a very small number any way, but I wonder if there will be more since it's a Saturday. Always difficult to calculate how much candy to get. I've already consumed 3 fun size butterfingers, and that's the problem, heh.

Happy Halloween!

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chris said...

I wish I had read this post before funny, especially since I know you had at least 3 trick or treaters. ;-) Your stole looks so snuggly- is that the same yarn that M knit her Leisl out of?