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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsy acquisitions and one for the bucket list.

I acquired these two skeins of handspun, indigo Romney wool from SheepAndThreads She grows the sheep and the indigo and spins and dyes the yarn. How cool is that!

I've also acquired two roving braids from MoonlightBaker. She's a master when it comes to colors! Yes, it's roving. And no, I don't really spin. I've just dabbled a bit with the drop spindle.

So, I've ordered this book from Amazon which I hope answers all the questions.

The plan is to spin enough yarn on the drop spindle to ply and actually make a small wearable garment. I have let go the idea that I will be growing my own sheep as I don't think they will thrive here in Nuuanu and the neighbors would complain.


k-brow said...

That indigo is so pretty! I could become a blue person so easily...especially when it's mixed with brown. I avoid that Moonlight Baker's page like the plague. Too, too tempting.
I have the same plans for some purple and yellow super soft roving I have marinating in the stash. A little something.

Let me know if that book turns out to be the key to the universe...

k-brow said...

I tried to comment but it didn't seem to stick. Hmmmm. Pretty yarn. Prettier roving.

Donna said...

Long time no see! I like your damson. I'm still working on my was going well until I got to the second part. Hope we can knit together soon! Donna

Opal said...

i know you can spin up that roving, but if you hit any snags just ring me up. :)