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Sunday, October 04, 2009

The End of a Neverending Story

Pattern: February Lady by Pamela Wynne. I am one of 6998 Ravelrers who have done or are doing this pattern.
Yarn: Bernat Organic Cotton, now discontinued, colorway Muslin
Needles: size 8. Below is a comparison of the EZ baby sweater on two needles, knit with the same yarn in size 6.
Mods: none

I'm not sure why I struggled so much with this project but it seemed to go on and on and on. Part of it was that I suspected the round collar and the the straight across the back yoke on my apple shape was breaking tons of fashion laws and there are outstanding warrants on me already. But, can 6998 Ravelry sistahs be wrong? The color, or lack of color in the yarn contributed as well. My current penchant for white or black or other dark colors no doubt reflects on my current situation regarding work...but then I digress.

The gull lace pattern is very easy to memorize. It is top down so I was able to try it on before committing to bind off. I'm so glad Namea of Aloha Yarns talked me in to a couple of extra inches as the yarn shrunk a bit with washing. I tossed the finished sweater in the washing machine and dryer with wild abandon. Cotton is good that way. I sewed on the lovely wood buttons gifted to me by my blogless big sister. It fits in the bed jacket style. The yarn is very soft. Will it ever get dyed? (That was the plan). Time will tell. I'm stuck on using an organic dye for the organic yarn. I'm just happy to be done with this and get into something else. I have 6 skeins left to make wash cloths.

Damson, a pattern by Ysolda, the 3rd encarnation of the Seasilk of nameless colorway, is underway. Alas it is dark and lacey. I'm itching to get my hands on some real wool...perhaps some iPhone Mitts by Julie Ridl in STR, or Stolen Moments Wrap by Amy Swenson, in the lovely blue Araucania Pomaire.

BTW, Feb Lady was started in July, 2009 and finished on Friday, October 2.


Silvia M. said...

I started one of these and is now kind of hibernating, I haven't even finished the garter part and it already feels like it goes on and on and on. I might pick it back again in the spring...

k-brow said...

Hooray! Nice job. I like the shorter sleeves AND those jaunty buttons! I found FLS to be easy knitting but a slog at the same time. I've been wearing mine a lot, but it's never been blocked.

Rachel said...

That looks lovely!

chris said...

Your February Lady turned out beautifully! I like the shorter sleeves, too and suspect it'll be a great go-to knit during the "winter" and in aggressive AC (ie my house ;-)). I actually really like it in the muslin color, as well. Neutral and wearable!

Jennifer said...

It looks beautiful. Congratulations Lady.

; )

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Finally finished. I like the longer lenght. Perfect for Hawaii.

Opal said...

YAY! you finished it! i'm doing a happy snoopy dance for you. it's beautiful! :D