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Monday, November 28, 2005

Revolt of the Self Striping Yarn

I had a little trouble following the heel instructions from the tostetoes site, and decided to try Wendy's short row heel. After frogging it once, it started to make sense and I ended up with what looks like another toe. So I confidently knit up the other heel only to find, "the horror, the horror" the Forstissima self striping yarn which so perfectly matched decided to go off on it's own and make a red and yellow heel.

Yikes! I'll have to sleep on that one!


candsmom said...

Self-striping yarn is evil!! It lulls you into a fall sense of security, thinking you've got it licked, thinking that all the stripes will match perfectly, and then it does its Jekyll and Hyde routine just to show you who's boss. ;-) But you know, your socks look great! The mismatched heels give them a little flair, a little character. Do you think the colors might match up if you keep knitting? Maybe not the jacquard pattern, but the colors at least? They still look awesome to me! :-)

knittinmom said...

What the...!?! That makes no sense. I have heard that it can be harder to get the self-striping yarn to match up when working toe-up socks...but I can't remember where I heard that, so I could just be making it up.

myra said...

Oh no! Of course I know nothing about knitting but I agree with Chris the mismatched heel does give them a little flair. Kinda like Camper "twins" shoes, identical but not quite. And they are amazing whether they are clones or not.

Veronika Delvaux said...

hm I used this yarn and mine came out fine. I only made short calf and was able to knit two pair size 7 out of one 100gr. skein. My yarn was made by Opal. You can see the socks on my blog, last post on the bottom.