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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bracelet picture and Knitting mumblings

As requested, here are the two bracelets. The top one is fused and the bottom one is soldered. One of the cool things about metal is that after heating it it will stretch! The bracelets were a little snug, so I stretched the rings until it was just right. Once the metal is hammered or tumbled, it becomes hard and can't be stretched anymore. With practice, the little globs of metal at the join become less of a problem, or they can be filed down. Or so I'm told. I'm quite happy with the jingly jangly bling as is!

I add a couple of bags to the store. One bento bag in ikat fabric and a purple pansy small project bag. Really they are similar except the bento bag is about 1/2 inch bigger around to fit the two bento containers it comes with.

I found another skein of Lambs Pride but in worsted weight, so I've cast on for some socks. I really can't think of my next big project. I have yarn for February lady, but I'm beginning to have some doubts about how it will fit my apple shape. Then of course there's the basketweave vest, but I can't get excited about basketing for a whole garment.


k-brow said...

I love those silver blingy bracelets! I'd like to take this class. Someday...

Ben Franklin is unloading all their sewing stuff. But they haven't slashed prices on their Amy Butler patterns. sigh.

Am contemplating Mocha J on Thursday night. At this point, it looks hopeful.

KnitPastis said...

You are so talented!

I am for you knitting the February Lady! You will look so good in this.I just downloaded the pattern for the future. Thanks xoxo

smariek said...

You must be having so much fun playing around with metal. It was interesting to see the difference between fused metal and soldered metal.

Opal said...

I love the bracelets. I'm a big silver fan. Any plans to throw them up on your shop?

The bento bags are a fantastic idea!

bockstark.knits said...

bracelets are very pretty! love them!