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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Morning Sky, Pumpkin Pincushion

The sky this am was briefly glorious. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. In my mind I was thinking I would go to the beach and look for glass, but the tide chart shows the tide will be high.

I put the pincushion and two Totoros in the shop. I was forced to crochet the curly cues as I can't find my directions to knit one. Blogless Miche will no doubt notice that my pumpkin is not anatomically correct and has non-pumpkinoid leaves, not lobulated as they should be. But it is stuffed with wool which I've read is the thing for needles.

Aah, what to knit next. I've seen many lovely Tangled Yokes out there, and then there is February Lady. I also have one skein of Black Water Abbey in red with a cabled pouch in mind.

Oops, there comes the rain.


Esther said...

I think it is wonderful! Oh to be back in Hawaii!

Aim said...

I wish, wish wish I saw that sky in person today :)

k-brow said...

Love the sweet pumpkin, anatomically correct or not. My vote goes for Tangled Yoke, tho Feb Lady is a close second. I mean if you're taking a poll...still, you've been thinking about Feb Lady for a long time. Might oughta get it out of your system. (like the armoire...vbg... ; )

smariek said...

What a pretty sky. I love watching the clouds in motion. I remember having a picnic lunch up on Haleakala and watching the clouds performing.

The pumpkin is still pretty.

Opal said...

the pumpkin is perfect! i think the leaves are too cute.

MLE said...

The pumpkin is darling!