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Monday, September 15, 2008

Dad's Function over Form socks, FO

More declutter efforts have fluffed up the treasures. I finally went through the yarn and bagged up most of the hideous, creepy and dirty stuff. It is so tuff to just dump the really creepy stuff, that's just how attached I am. So now it sits my front hallway, blocking the feng shui. The plan is to put some of it in the trash tomorrow, and put the rest in my car with some fabric I know I'll never use and drive it around for awhile. I have someone who will take fabric, and I'll see if her mom can use the not so creepy yarn. I'm not going to obsess on what drove me to acquire it in the first place.
This and the rest of the mess will have to wait until tomorrow. Because tomorrow is another day!

Really there are two socks. It's just too dark to photograph the two of them, but really, they look alike:) I ran out of yarn after turning the second heel. The pattern used Knitaly, one skein, so I thought one skein of Lamb's Pride would do. So had to search the island for one skein or worsted sable. I will say it is sock yarn so doesn't count toward stash.

Pattern: Dad's Function Over Form Socks by Jessica Minier Mabe from Knitting
Yarn: Lamb's Pride worsted, color sable. Used a little over one skein.
Needles: size 6 DP

I might have read the pattern incorrectly but after the picking up the gusset stitches I ended up with 48 stitches instead of the the 44 I started with, so I just made them match. I'm not sure if these will actually fit in shoes.

I've cast on for the chullo hat from Andean Folk Knits, but I'm not in love with the colors. Maybe that Vesper in the bumble bee colors is calling me. After all, the sorting hat sorted me to Hufflepuff.

Thanks for the nice comments on the stitch markers!

It was just too muggy and warm to get into the weeding mode. The upper part of the patio is almost done. As I get closer to the wood pile, those angry carpenter bees scream their warning so I'm not enthused about working on the lower half of the patio. The bay laurel is just sitting in the middle of the patio. I don't know where to put it. It really would be happier in the ground where it can turn into a ginormous tree.

This praying mantis is too cute.

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Opal said...

I've been decluttering my house too. I have to say that once it's done I feel so free and light. It's worth all the pain and aggravation. :)