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Friday, September 05, 2008

Drama in the Garden

There's another small project bag with dragonfly fabric and a crochet hook storage roll for the store. This one has a crystal dragonfly dangle. The dragonfly fabric was supposed to be part of one of those bug jar quilts. Gee I wonder how long ago that was? And where is all that other bug fabric I got a the same time?

The crochet hook storage roll has 24 pockets and is designed to hold both the shorter metal hooks and the larger aluminum ones. It's also in the store.

This little Totoro is 2 3/4 inch tall. I knit him flat so I could do his bib intarsia. His tail is a little long for my tastes so I will try felting him a bit more to see if I get some better shaping.

There is a lot of drama in this gardening thing. My patio is brick and quite old. I liked it a lot when there was just the lovely green moss and some graceful little green plants in the cracks. But then the moss held water and made dirt. This caused black slime mold to flourish. When it rains gelatinous black stuff blossom. Icky. The patio is fenced off so the birds like to come and sit in the patio and bring all kinds of seeds with them. The grass started to grow in the cracks and then started covering the bricks. At first I was not alarmed, but then I realized that the whole ecosystem in my patio was trying to return the brick to dirt and the grass was now growing into the brick! OMG. Now while the most interesting National Geographic article on the Kansas plains describes the roots of the virgin prairie grass growing down 10 ft, and that apparently being a good thing, I believe I have to intervene in the process to try and save my patio.

This guy is not eating the right kind of grass in the right place and will have to go. He's no escargot, though.

I hope that toad I found under a neglected upside down flower pot is okay. I don't know how he got under there but I think he was there for quite awhile and he was too big to get out the little hole. What did he eat? I liberated him, and can only hope he thrives in the big world.

Perhaps if can get strong enough to exceed my 5 weeds/day quota, my yard and plants will look beautiful like my neighbors (parents). I'm trying out those titanium dots on those sore spots in the squatting muscles until then.

On the knitting front, I started some socks with Lamb's Pride worsted rescued from one of "the hats that fit no human head" but I'm now sure it bulky yarn. Sigh. Frog or try to morph them into mittens?

Have a great weekend!


beadlizard said...

I vote for morphing -- can't wait to see what you end up with!

The tortoro is adorable.

That is one weird looking snail. We only have the escargot kind here, though I refuse to eat them. Ick. Might stew some squirrels though if they keep digging up all my plants!

Amazed by how productive you are now that you're retired. Any decisions about taking classes or getting a part-time job? You have such an interesting life. --Syl

weebug said...

i am so in love with that little totoro!

Opal said...

I vote for mittens.

I love that dragonfly bag! I just adore dragonflies, they're my favorite insect. In fact, they're the only insect I like.

Snails and frogs? Ew! ;-)

Esther said...

what great items, can't wait to check out your etsy shop!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous bag! I can't wait to see more. I absolutely love mine. In fact, I took it to NYC last night. It loves to travel, you know.

Aim said...

Isn't it awful, how the weeds take over if you so much as blink your eyes for a couple of seconds?! I am fighting a constant battle with that...Hey, I remember the bug jar quilts, OMG that has to be about 10 years ago now! What a trend :)

p.s. love your crochet hooks roll. That fabric is cute!