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Monday, September 01, 2008

Random Stuff in no particular order

Fused Chain Bracelet was a really fun class taught by Kathy at Bead It. I learned about the difference between filter and non-filtered butane and bought a new tool called a Tap and Wrap. She put my finished bracelet in a rock tumbler for 15 minutes with some magic stuff (buck shot?) and it came out so shiny and wonderful:)

Pattern: Spring Forward, free from Knitty.
Yarn: Koigu
Needles: Knitpicks DPs, size 1
No mods. This was a very fast and easy pattern to memorize.
Just in time for SOS!

Lots of rain here lately. As the saying goes, no rain, no rainbows!

Thanks for visiting my Etsy store. New are two Watermelon Bags. One a small project bag and another is slightly larger, designed as a Bento Bag with the containers and a removable plastic bottom. I'm not sure I'll list any more stitch markers yet, although I can't stop making them:) There are Christmas angels and Vintage glass and crystal ones, in watermelon colors.

Aim, posted this link she got from Junie Moon's blog, The Story of Stuff.
My decluttering efforts seem futile at times. As I clean, the stuff seems to multiply. I throw away/recycle as much as I can, but more stuff comes out of hiding!


Moon said...

ummm that bracelet?????? TOO DIE 4.
If I see you with it on I may have to snatch it and run for my car....
Its seriously gorgeous!

KnitPastis said...

Yep, have to agree. It's so modern. Bet it looks so stylish on you!

Love the socks!! WOW!

That's a very bright and beautiful rainbow. Worth all the rain.

bockstark.knits said...

LOVE those watermelon bags!!! Very cute! Hey, I might go to Hawaii this Christmas after all so I will be sure to visit you guys!

weebug said...

the bracelet is lovely!

Aim said...

that is seriously a beautiful bracelet. I'm so jealous of you learning to do that!!! Ya can never know enough crafts, IMO :)

That is a wonderful rainbow. And yeh, clutter and weeds are a constant threat at my house!