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Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Sky, Shop and WIP updates

It's tough to resist the sky these days. Today is considered "partly cloudy". Right after I snapped this it rained just for a second. My forever patio-weeding project has moved into a new phase of development. All the moss I scraped away has sprouted again and so has the slime mold. The varieties of weeds I spared have sprouted seedpods or flowers. The birds visit often so they must be finding something to eat.

The termite inspection dudes came by. They pointed and shook their heads at my woodpile and recommended ground treatment, but I'm not sure I trust their explanation. It's a moot point, as I'm not going for the treatment this year. But I am putting a bit of the wood in the trash every week. I heard of someone putting bricks in the trash and breaking the automatic arm on the truck, so I'm going for no more then 1/4 of the total. So far, so good. While inspecting my house, the termite dude pointed out that the cement blocks my foundation are in has f*ck carved in to one and sh*t carved in to the other one. They are at least 12 years old and I never noticed that. A mystery.

One of my woodpiles is inhabited by carpenter bees, and they are scary, but I know I have to move them to get at the wood. I'm contemplating murder, I tell you, and I've been putting off as long as I can.

BFF one is complete and the second sock has been cast on. I hope the striping comes out similarly as I like the way this one striped up.

More bags are in the shop included this Hello Kitty one and a new Amy Butler fabric one. Opal, enabler that she is, got me lusting for more Amy Butler fabric, so I was an easy prey when I visiting Kaimuki Dry Goods for the Kona cotton I use for the lining, and more interfacing.


beadlizard said...

That sock is beautiful! I hope the striping of the mate goes well.

Carpenter bees make the strangest crunching sound when they attack wood. Eerie. Do you need to have a beekeeper come and smoke them out?

Best of luck with the wood piles!

Opal said...

Turn about is fair play. I enable you to buy more fabric, you enable me to buy more bags. It's a cycle between us. :)