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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wreath Class, FO

Okay wait a minute, that's not a wreath. I still don't understand the ups and downs up blogger picture up loading. Oh well. I am baby-sitting two birds. One is a lovely cockatiel that has laid 4 eggs and is expecting 3 more. The other is some kind of ring necked parrot or parakeet, that hides under the paper whenever I walk by and also sleeps upside down. His owner cuts a hole in the paper so he can dive under whenever he wants. He starts peeking out right away to see if it is safe to come out. I am very amused. I catch him out every once in a while. He is very fast. I'm assuming he's a boy since men are strange birds, imo.

Moon has been nursing two baby birds and has documented their progress on her blog. I'm so impressed!

The Wahiawa Botanical Garden is another cool place I've never been to. I will have to go up again when it's not so wet. The wreath class was a lot of fun! I only used glue on one spot to cover the s pin in the cup like pod. I so wanted to include the reddish pod with the fuzzy seeds.

On the Totoro knitting scene, I'm trying knit another TP cover. Felting is a craft I'm not real experienced with so it's always fun to see what happens. The first try with the Beaverslide ended up way too small and even with stretching it would not fit the Quilted Northern roll. So it became a "safe" with a secret plastic container inside. One of his arms inadvertently became his tail, so I'm think I will not do arms, but we'll see.

The second take is fitting better, although he really has a different shape. With all the rain it has taken 3 days to dry. I hope to stuff him tomorrow so he can go to his new bathroom soon.


k-brow said...

Those birds are adorable. I love that ringneck's eyes. Everytime I convince myself I don't miss having a bird, I see something like that guy or the sweet mother cockatiel, and I get the bird-longing again. Master Cricket wants a Kolea badly. He's been trying to catch one for weeks in the yard.

I'm thinking about going to MJ thursday. We'll see if I make it.

Opal said...

beautiful birds! those totoros are so cute! i think the felting looks great!

see you thursday!

Patrice said...

Hey Barb! The birds are real cute. I had a dream about eggs this morning -- my daughter had a baby and it laid eggs, one of which I dropped. Your other projects are cool too. You are always doing interesting stuff!

Moon said...

Ya know...the ringneck may just be a female. The hiding in dark places is a girlie nesting thing.
Your Totoros are so adorable. I think Im going to try making one!
Happy birdie baby sitting!

weebug said...

just popping by to tell you that you won on my blogversary contest!
the birds are incredible.