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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fuzzy Farm sheep, FO

Pattern: fuzzymitten's Fuzzy Farm sheep.
Yarn: Cascade 220 and Debbie Bliss Donnegal Tweed

This is a quick little project. Perhaps I stuffed him too much. I wasn't quite sure of the ear placement and I don't know what happened to his tail. I'll have to re-read the pattern. I think he will look good in some mohair-y fluffy type yarn.

Light blue Totoro is knit of Cascade 220. He is in the shop along with Ladybug Bag lined with red. Dark blue Totoro has decided to join the flock at my house even though though it's getting crowded here.

Hott BFF sock number 2 had a bit of a run in today with the vacuum cleaner. Yikes! The ball was severed from the sock, but luckily the vacuum cleaner chewed up yarn from the ball and not the sock! I think there is enough left in tact to finish the sock.


Opal said...

The sheep! So cute!

The vacuum? YIKES! Close one! Fingers crossed in hopes that you salvaged enough yarn to finish the sock!

dee said...

Way cute little sheep. What a sweet expression.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the nice comments!
dee, I am not able to see your email address to reply to your comments. Send me an email if you feel comfortable:) (acornbudatyahoodotcom)

weebug said...

he is so darn cute!