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Monday, November 03, 2008


I bet I'm not alone in the struggle to diet. I found myself eating left over Halloween chocolate with a beer last night. How sick is that? I have had this beer in my outside refrigerator since last year when my BIL left it there. I don't know what got in to me. Starting with Halloween, the first of the Chocolate Holidays, it's downhill for me and my diet until Easter. At least the beer is "light". But I have a headache anyway.

On the brighter side, the knitting mojo has been greatly aided by knitting with wool. I purchased the Fly designs Monarch in the Hott colorway at Madrona last year. I'm still thinking about going to Madrona in February, but I'm also thinking a fall or spring trip when the weather is warmer would be fun, too. My Seattle buds are supposed to be visiting me in the summer for a class reunion, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this happens. Too bad the wonder dog, Ebony, can't come.

I thought this yarn was a sock fingering, but it is considered a sport weight. After seeing Criminy Jickets lovely BFF, I decided to try this free Cookie A pattern. So far the cables break up the banding, and it's nice to see the striping in the heel and instep. The real test will see if the second sock does the same or goes off on a tangent of it's own.

I joined my very busy working/caregiver friend for another Sunday beading adventure. She gave me some good ideas on how to use some of my coin pearls for a a snowman, Christmas earrings and a couple of bracelets. I cranked out a bunch of acorn-like stitch markers. I will have to test them to see if the yarn catches on them. The challenge is to find bead caps that resemble acorn caps. I love making them and have a stockpile now. The Totoro's and I really like having a lot of them in the stash:) The blue glass beads are that indigo blue I love so much.

I put a couple new bags in the store. More are coming as soon as I get more interfacing and Kona cotton.


debbie said...

i tried the bff socks last year and i either didn't read the pattern correctly, but i had problems - you've gotten farther than i had, so it must've been the pearly acorns!

Opal said...

the bff sock is really lookin' good! i love the acorn stitch markers! how clever!

smariek said...

Making jewelry and stitch markers looks like fun. Those acorns are cute.