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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Ball of Yarn that Never Dies

While pondering the skimpy notes on how to "full" lightly the Lush Cardigan parts, I knit up the other bootie and a tiny hat with the yarn left over from Gone with Wind, formerly of Socktober fame. Here they are unblocked and posed for keohinani to animate them into a witty cartoon.

As I was in a vintage horror mode until the TV went goofy, and the fact that I still have yarn left made me feel as if this ball of yarn will never die! I'll try not to subject anyone who reads this blog to another project made from this yarn.


candsmom said...

Wow, I wish I had ever-replenishing supplies of Gone With the Wind at my house! Such a beautiful yarn. And the hat and booties look great! You're telling me there's still yarn left, even after the socks, the booties and the hat? Amazing! Can't wait to see Jill's cartoon. :-)

keohinani said...

that yarn is sooooo nice. i can't believe you had leftovers!? i just love how some of the colors pool. some people are anti-pooling, but i totally think it's the coolest thing ever...besides self-striping. :)